An in-depth look at the technology behind the CCB's Security Bots and UAVs, powered by Armadyne.

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Crime Alerts

  • Monday, March 13

    Multiple stolen ECA hyfrecators found at port in Johannesburg.

  • Friday, March 17

    Several humans detained aboard unregistered aircraft in Tokyo.

  • Monday, March 20

    Four Los Angeles men arrested; suspected of trafficking in HULC technology.

  • Thursday, March 23

    Two women arrested on suspicion of falsifying Elysium citizenship data.

  • Tuesday, March 28

    Known weapons dealer detained for possession of stolen Armadyne property.

  • Sunday, April 2

    48 children found in abandoned bus; kidnapping suspects at large.

  • Monday, April 10

    4 traffickers convicted in smuggling ring case; leader remains at large.

  • Saturday, April 15

    11 men sentenced to death in plot to hijack CCB drones.

  • Thursday, April 20

    Armadyne employee's death ruled a suicide.

  • Monday, April 24

    Six children convicted of criminal mischief, fraud, and concealment of a firearm in London orphanage.

  • Friday, April 28

    Mother of three sentenced to life in prison for grand theft auto and assault.

Social Services

It's Better Up HereIt's never too late. Although citizenship cannot be granted on a basis of medical need, elderly or ill candidates are invited to apply. Med Pod 3000 units are available to provide any life-saving medical attention necessary only upon arrival to Elysium.